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Keymacro program is an all-in-one solution for all keyboard commands, just copy and paste text, record macro, play key macro, make hotkeys on keyboard.
KEYMACRO is professional software that is designed to make your life easier by letting you execute multiple commands on a keyboard. It offers various features that let you copy, paste, and record macros; turn on and off your computer; display computer information; and make your keyboard do what you want it to do.
Keymacro supports the common keyboard commands, such as cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, paste menu, cut menu, paste menu, new line, right, left, up, down, add, subtract, subtract/add, substract/add, and lots of other commonly used keyboard functions. It also supports the context menu and the right-click menu.
Keymacro can also make Windows hotkeys for you. Simply define the key combination you wish to use, and it will be stored as a hotkey and executed whenever you press the key combination. For example, you can use the Windows+N combination to open the start menu, and the Windows+U combination to open a folder or file.
Keymacro also supports sticky keys, which allows you to set one key combination to make several other keys work in tandem, such as the windows key and the Shift key.
Keymacro is also integrated with Microsoft Windows, and it allows you to customize shortcuts to the start menu, the desktop, the desktop toolbar, and the window menu. This way, when you need to do some particular tasks, you can easily find the appropriate item on the menu.
Keymacro also allows you to open, move, and close windows, copy files, open files, and much more. If you need to do so, you can just drag the desired file, folder, or program to any location on your computer screen.
Keymacro allows you to configure a keyboard from any menu. Just click the desired keyboard icon on the Keyboard menu, and you can launch the Keyboard Configuration Wizard.
The Keyboard Configuration Wizard lets you set the keyboard layout, the shortcut key for the application menu, and many other settings. You can also specify the name of the keyboard, and it allows you to set whether the keyboard is connected via USB port or through a serial port.
Keymacro supports printing to a printer. You just need to plug in a printer and assign a keyboard. Then, you can print d82f892c90

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Execute as many macros as you like. You can save them in the main “MACROKEY” and delete all macros that you no longer need by pressing “E”. Each macro is saved into a new XML file in the specified directory, so you can easily find them in the same directory.
MACROEXE Description:
Execute an EXE macro. Useful when a separate EXE file has to be used in a batch.
REGISTER Description:
Set a registration code.
RESET Description:
Delete the macros in the specified macro key.
SELECT_KEY Description:
Select the macro from the specified macro key.
UNSELECT_KEY Description:
Unselect the selected macro in the specified macro key.
Lists the macros in the current macro key.
COMMON Description:
Create a new project.
SHORTCUT Description:
Use the macros in the project folder.
View all project settings in one screen.
MAIN_MENU Description:
Menu of the main screen.
SELECT Description:
Create a new project.
VIEW Description:
View the project settings.
XML_FILE Description:
Use the macros in the specified XML file.
TEST Description:
Test the macros.
START Description:
Start macro-macro testing.
ALARM Description:
Set the macro timer.
Show the current macro execution count.
CLEAN Description:
Clean the macros.
REFRESH Description:
Refresh the macros.
SCAN Description:
Scan the project folder for macros.
EXPORT Description:
Export macros to a new XML file.
EXPORT_EXE Description:
Export macros to EXE.
EXPORT_SCREEN Description:
Export macros to a new screen.
Export macros to the project folder.
EXPORT_ALL Description:
Export all macros to a new XML file.
EXPORT_ALL_EXE Description:
Export all macros to EXE.
Export all macros to a new screen.
Export all macros to the project folder.


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