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** Hornil Photo Viewer supports the following image formats:
When you open a folder, the application displays the list of the images contained. You can then select as many images as you need and you get the option to delete them.
To navigate the folder, you can choose between the following display modes:
•Detailed List
•Full Screen Slideshow
Hornil Photo Viewer Features:
•Show/hide each image’s EXIF data
•Insert EXIF data values into the image’s EXIF data dialog
•Select folder/image filters
•Show the Image Info dialog
•Select the image filters
•Horizontal flipping
•Vertical flipping
•Quick zoom to full screen
•Zoom to percent
•Select files and folders in full screen slideshow
•Image rotation and flip
•Single Image and Image List mode
•View multi-channel histogram
•Convert image to another format
•Share images by:
•Open in another application
•Share on Facebook
•Share on Twitter
•Create Screen Saver
•Save image to desktop
•Save as image (JPG)
•Save as vector (ICO)
•Save as Flash (.swf)
•Export image to Photoshop or Aperture
•Import image from Photoshop or Aperture
•Import image from Flash (.swf)
•Convert image to another format
•Image histogram
•Show image detail
•Show image metadata
•Show image as a desktop
•Show image as a window
•Apply image effects
•Edit image’s information
•Select image view types
•Set as Desktop background
•Remove an image from the folder
•Copy image to the clipboard
•Select the file container type
•Insert EXIF data value into the image’s EXIF data dialog
•Select the image filters
•Quick preview image
•Show/hide info dialog
•View image as

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The QuickDeskNote application was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to create quick notes on your Desktop or in any folder – in the same way as you create a new file.

The application works in conjunction with an external keyboard driver, so you can use it in conjunction with any of the applications that use the standard API to create notes. A preview version of the driver is also available.

You can add notes to your desktop or in any directory and you can view them all in one place.

It will display information about new notes, and you can edit notes as well as duplicate them or move them between your desktop and a directory.

You can filter your notes, so you can sort them by name, date, last modified and more. You can also set a specific date when a note will be created automatically.

You can add pictures and files to your notes and you can display your notes as a list of text, so it is easy to read your notes.

There is also a search bar available to look for a specific word in your notes.

As of version 1.2, notes can be used in conjunction with bookmarking to remember your notes for future.

You can choose to have your notes sorted by category, so you can keep all your notes in one place, or you can choose to have a specific set of categories, so you can decide which categories you want to store your notes in.

Version 1.1.0
– Fixed a bug which prevented notes created under Vista from being created on Windows 7.
– Improved the time format used when displaying the time in the note’s title.

Version 1.0.0
– First public release.

Known problems:
– The note driver is not yet ready for wide spread use and there are some problems with some OS’s.
– There are problems with playing notes on certain versions of windows and on certain systems.
– When you are using the mouse to display notes in a list view, you may see some weird behaviour with the cursor.
– The notes in some of the folder views are only displayed for the first folder in the list and they are not seen when you click to view them. This is due to the notes driver not having a definite position on the desktop.
– On some operating systems the notes will not display in the list view when you click to view them.