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RLauncher is an easy to use application launcher. It is used to quickly launch applications, documents, and URLs with one mouse click and save your time. You can do it via main toolbar, tray menu, floating window, hotkeys and aliases.
The software has Load at startup and Auto-hide options that can make your life even more easy.







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RLauncher is the fastest and the most easy-to-use application launcher with multiple features. It allows you to launch any application, document, and URL with one mouse click. RLauncher is designed to eliminate the need for you to switch back and forth between the application and the desktop in order to launch a document. You can customize the launch context menu to launch your favorite applications. You can also launch multiple documents at once and launch URLs directly from browser or from the clipboard. It is designed to save your time and enhance your productivity.
Key Features of RLauncher:
€ Setup Shortcuts with one mouse click (hotkeys)
€ Easy to use and intuitive
€ Keeps track of what you’ve launched before
€ Quick launch documents/URLs
€ Keeps track of the last run
€ Auto-hide to improve workflow
€ Customize the launch context menu
€ Choose from between 3 Views: Mobile/Tablet, Desktop & Dock
€ Configure options directly from Preferences
€ Perform tasks easily with buttons only
€ And many more.
€ Configure your own hotkey-schemes
€ Customize the look and feel of the app
€ Synchronize with iCloud
€ Supported OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux
€ Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit applications
€ Compatible with applications for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Chromium
€ Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10
€ Compatible with macOS 10.4 or higher.
€ RLauncher is pre-installed on all the latest Macs.
€ An application for Mac OS X
€ A software for Apple Mac computers
€ A freeware application

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PowerPoint Viewer is a free PowerPoint Viewer for viewing PowerPoint files. PowerPoint Viewer supports some of the most used file formats including PPT, PPS, PPSX, PPSE.
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PowerPoint Viewer is a free PowerPoint Viewer that helps you to view PowerPoint presentations in a friendly user interface. PowerPoint Viewer is a freeware presentation viewer for the most popular Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It can be used to view all PowerPoint files, such as.ppt,.ppt

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Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the easiest-to-use download managers for Windows users. IDM is not only a download accelerator, but also a fully featured download manager that can resume, record, and queue downloads. You can control the download process from start to finish and get access to a simple and easy-to-use interface.
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With MacWikis, you are able to create quickly an internet project page. The web search engine with map and links access will help you to search for all necessary information. You can use it for your personal or professional use.
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With Mobu Safari Browser you can use any page, any site, any search engine. No downloads, no registration, no cookies, no ads – freedom, simplicity, and privacy.
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPod classic, and simulator versions of Mobu Browser are already available. More ports are planned soon.

CatCalc is a powerful calculator with great features. You can easily calculate math and other scientific computations with CatCalc. It supports variable precision, functions, pages and dictionaries. It can remember the last input, and you can use it as a replacement for your calculator. It can even convert dates and numbers from other languages. It is very powerful and easy to use.

Attached to your email account, WHISTLE creates a folder that collects your incoming and outgoing mail in chronological order. This is useful when you need to find a certain piece of information in your emails. It is the best tool for speeding up and facilitating your email access. WHISTLE Description:

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Wizzwidget is a JavaScript widget which enables web site owners to add great desktop widgets to their sites, including an incredible selection of Windows Live Messenger style screensavers which

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What’s New In RLauncher?

RLauncher is an easy to use application launcher. It is used to quickly launch applications, documents, and URLs with one mouse click and save your time. You can do it via main toolbar, tray menu, floating window, hotkeys and aliases.
The software has Load at startup and Auto-hide options that can make your life even more easy.

When you just want to send a simple file to someone, the easiest way is to use a file sharing site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Dropbox. Unfortunately, there is always a small chance that your message will get lost or that it will not arrive to the right person. Or you might receive an error message.

Phunut Data Recovery will fix all errors and perform a scan of the drive for all lost files, no matter the OS. You can also use it to fix simple file lost after a virus infection. In addition, it supports both Windows and Linux systems.

9 to 5 Cryptography is a digital jigsaw puzzle game. The goal is to form the picture of a five-letter word with the pieces when the puzzle is all assembled. It is a fun, family-friendly, and addictive game for people of all ages.

Octavia Alchemia is an RPG/D&D campaign book set in the same world of the Trinxat books. It is a companion to the Player’s Guide to the Trinxat setting, introducing characters, towns, places, and monsters to those familiar with that setting, as well as enhancing the present-day experience with the skills and powers of the medieval era. Also available is the companion book, Octavia Alchemia: System Reference, designed to provide a complete list of all magic items and other magical items, organizations and societies relevant to the setting.

2D/3D Dungeon Crawler is a game where you are a newbie on your first expedition. You are sent into the dungeon to investigate the strange noises coming from the Dungeon. As you explore you come across strange creatures and mysteries. In spite of its name it is an arcade game and not a logic game.

X-Bag is a simple and flexible jQuery file uploader that will turn your textarea into a file input element.

EZ Elastix is a free, GPL-compatible audio/video processing program. Elastix features an easy-to-use visual interface where you can configure multiple video sources and filters, calculate signal levels, transcode video streams, and

System Requirements:

On Linux the game has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, SteamOS, and Kodi 16.2 (x86 & x64).
It is advised to make sure that you are using the latest software and system updates. You can do this by going to Help -> About Valve -> Software.
and. Gamepad support is required for the gamepad play.
The device’s USB port needs to be connected to a USB 2.0 or faster port on your PC.
Your video card has to support hardware acceleration.
This game runs in window


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