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RarMonkey is an easy to use Windows utility that allows you to extract files from RAR archives with just a few clicks.
With shell integration for a seamless file extraction process, RarMonkey is a bit different as compared to all the other similar apps.
Once you double-click a RAR archive, RarMonkey lets you input the destination folder and decide whether you want to automatically create new folder under selected directories for each archive using its file name.
Of course, file associations are also available, but the real helpful feature is the one that allows you to extract files from multiple RAR archives at the same time.
There are no other settings to play with, which is indeed good news for beginners, while more advanced users may be a little disappointed with the lack of configuration options.
Also, keep in mind that RarMonkey is just an application supposed to lend you a hand when trying to extract files from RAR archives, so it doesn’t provide dedicated tools to compress data.
The speed is good and the program works smoothly on most Windows versions, but it crashes on Windows 7 workstations every once in a while. There’s no apparent reason for this issue, so in the end it all depends on how lucky you are.
All things considered, RarMonkey is a great software solution for every rookie out there, providing just the essential tools and a very user-friendly approach. All you need is just basic computer knowledge and a Windows workstation, it doesn’t matter which version.
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FileFinder is a program that allows you to find files by using a search engine, unlike the typical file search methods where you have to enter the whole path, thus wasting lots of time.
FileFinder can access the Internet to find new files, so you can be sure you have the latest version. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and XP. You can also use it to search within RAR, ZIP, TAR and other archive files.
It also supports the most important file types, including but not limited to: JPEG, BMP, PDF, TIF, GIF, PNG, MP3, WAV, MIDI, ZIP, RAR, TAR, CAB, VHD, ISO, ISO+LAB, ISO9660, NTFS, FAT32, MOXA and FAT32.
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BETTER DJ Brains purpose is to manage your DJ collection, fast and easy. Are you a DJ and have hundreds of CDs and vinyls in your home? Or are you a music lover who wants to keep your collection organized? You can use the DJBrain to create and organize playlists by artists, albums, tracks or in your own personal way.
If you are a DJ or have lots of music and vinyls at home, then your next step will be to organize them into playlists. This application was developed to help you in creating and managing your playlists, but it is also perfect for music lovers that want to keep an organized collection of their music.
DJBrain features:
* Create a new playlist with a simple drag and drop technique* Search, add and remove tracks from your library* Save your playlists in a file on your computer* Tag your tracks* Import tracks from a xls file* Listen to a specific artist with a xmb file* Import tracks from a last.fm XML file* Export playlists to a xls file* Play a random track
Download DJBrain and enjoy your music in a way you never have before!
*Organize your tracks into playlists*Create a playlist from a bunch of tracks in your library*Remove tracks from a playlist*Sort your tracks by playlist or by artist*See the track progress in a chart*See the current song with the chart*Tracks shown with all the attributes you can manage*View a menu of your playlists
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DJ Brain was developed as a tool for DJs and lovers of music. With this software solution you can create and organize playlists, add and remove tracks from a playlist and search inside your playlists for your favorite artists.

Easiest and best way to organize your music playlists. It’s super user friendly and easy to use.

Try DJ Brain if you’re a DJ or music lover and you want a program that can organize and manage your playlists.

This program does just that – organize your playlists, keep a track progress and manage the tags. I hope this program will satisfy most of your needs, so download it and start managing your music!

DJ Brain Description:
BETTER DJ Brains purpose is to manage your DJ collection, fast and easy. Are you a DJ and have


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