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Google Translator Interface Lite supports all the language combinations covered by the official Google Translate. This allows you to translate web pages, e-mails, texts, etc., as well as building your own language dictionaries.
KeyMacro with support for 44 different languages and 2 languages of the future. The combined dictionary of keys and the completion dictionary allow you to translate any string in any language.
KeyMacro now has a built-in command line, which allows you to use the computer as a translator. And with the built-in terminal you can write any command to the command line to use it.
KeyMacro also supports the keyboard language of 8 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian.
KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use assistant. The language of your main dictionary is set by default, so you do not need to select a language manually.
KeyMacro allows you to perform the following operations:
■ Change key-completion language to another language.
■ Set language and region for translation.
■ Do a one-time translation of the whole computer.
■ Set a custom-made dictionary.
■ Set a custom-made program (or batch file) to translate the whole computer.
■ An on-screen keyboard is displayed.
■ You can choose the language of the on-screen keyboard.
■ You can translate any line of text, a web page, an e-mail or a text file.
You can select a file for translation or simply type the text to translate.
You can translate by sending the text of a web page or a text file to the clipboard.
Google Translator Interface Lite is the official version of KeyMacro, the best text-to-text translator.
KeyMacro has been designed to be easy to use. The interface is divided in several pages, in which there are special menu tabs where you can select the operation you want to perform.
The order of the pages and the operations they contain are customizable. This allows you to make a faster and easier start of the translation process.
You can also choose to display the on-screen keyboard. This keyboard includes all the keyboard languages supported by KeyMacro. The additional languages can be selected by using the drop-down lists.
The on-screen keyboard allows you to select the language of the keyboard as well 84e02134c1

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XMLTV GUI (Version 6.0.0)

This program provides a GUI for configuration and grabbing listings. Currently has support for: Radio Times (UK), (UK), Digiguide (UK), Schedules Direct (North America), ONTV (Denmark), AZTV (Israel), Lua scripting support for other sources.
Get XMLTV GUI and grab all the listings you want in no time!



2014.01.18 Updated Radio Times (UK) support.

2014.01.14 Updated support.

2014.01.12 Updated Digiguide support.

2014.01.10 Updated Schedules Direct (North America) support.

2014.01.08 Added ONTV (Denmark) support.

2013.12.18 Added Radio Times (UK) support.

2013.12.16 Updated Schedules Direct (North America) support.

2013.12.15 Updated support.

2013.12.14 Added Codeguard support.

2013.12.13 Added Razor support.

2013.12.12 Added Azazel support.

2013.12.11 Added GoTV support.

2013.12.10 Added Lua scripting support.



1. Make sure you have Perl installed (

2. Once Perl is installed, unzip the program.

3. Use the directory path that XMLTVGUI is stored on as the program directory.

4. Start XMLTVGUI (double-click on the XMLTVGUI.exe file)

5. Type in the path to the Radio Times/Bleb/DigiGuide/ONTV or scheduless direct directory.

6. Press the “Check For Updates” button.

7. If there are updates available for one of the directories, click “Check” to download and install the updates.

8. When updating, the program will download any updates from the central XMLTV GUI server. The server may ask for a username and password.

9. When complete, the program will automatically open. You will be able to view the updated listings without any user input.

You may also manually enter a URL for the directory to browse

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