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KeyMacro is an application that allows you to automatically create macros. Macros are sequences of keystrokes that can be defined by you. You can then execute them by pressing a single key on your keyboard. The macros that you create can be used to modify text, perform actions or even launch applications. KeyMacro includes a powerful macro creation system which allows you to easily create macros to perform most any task.
MACRO editor Description:
The macros editor allows you to save, modify and manage macros in KeyMacro. A macro is a sequence of keystrokes. You can define multiple macros which KeyMacro will execute when you press a single key combination. Macros are a powerful way to customize the way you work with your computer, as you can write macros to perform any task. The macros editor allows you to save macros, modify them and delete them. It’s also possible to generate codes to insert macros into documents and other files.
FileMaker Pro Description:
FileMaker Pro is the premier application for data-driven business solutions. It’s a powerful and intuitive development platform that allows you to create applications for the web, mobile, desktop and relational databases. It’s the most comprehensive database solution with everything you need to build an entire database app or an awesome web-based app.
DataGrip Description:
DataGrip is an integrated development environment (IDE) for SQL and NoSQL databases. It supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HyperDB, Oracle, and MongoDB. It’s available as a stand-alone product and as a plugin to Visual Studio. DataGrip features an in-depth editor that provides comprehensive syntax highlighting and built-in debugging support.
MySQL Navigator Description:
MySQL Navigator is an extremely fast, user-friendly and easy-to-use tool for MySQL administration. It has been designed to handle the daily tasks of a typical MySQL user: creation, management and monitoring of databases and tables, replication, backup, restore and synchronisation. MySQL Navigator is the perfect tool for MySQL users on Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD operating systems.
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Ableton Live is an industry-standard digital audio workstation (DAW) for audio, video and more. It has several channels and effects to process your audio, MIDI instruments and controllers. On top of that, there’s the over 200 effects, instruments and sound banks that make Ableton Live the perfect place to do creative a77f14ba26

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Use the new Radio Button feature to change the channel right from the menu.
Paste your network password via the menu.
Create a template from your recording, or even directly from the flyout menu.
Stream from FTP, and manage it in a new way using the FTP Import Menu.
Standalone distribution of the plugin for the Wirecast Pro.


Using the free and paid versions of Wirecast has always been easy enough, but recently Wirecast Pro has come a long way and now it is even easier to use.

You will immediately notice the difference in appearance when switching to Pro, the user interface has been completely redesigned and it is now much more intuitive and user friendly than before.
If you are new to Wirecast or have never used the software before, this is a great time to start out, because it makes it much easier for you to learn the software and use it to its full potential.

Over the next few sections, we will take a look at all the things you can do with the new Wirecast Pro and some of the really cool features it offers.


One of the main differences between the free and Pro versions is that the latter allows you to stream directly to the internet.
The free version uses a local streaming server on your machine, and if you want to stream to the internet, you will have to forward ports on your router.
The Pro version works much better with a remote streaming server.
You can easily install a streaming server, such as those that use the SRTMP protocol, for example with Open Broadcaster Software, which supports many protocols, including SRTMP.

One of the biggest changes in the new Wirecast Pro is the introduction of the new free-to-use editing tools.
The free version lets you edit your recording, but it is nothing more than a highly limited prototype and it is unlikely that you will have the time to use it to its full potential.
With the Pro edition, you can record your stream, edit your recording and broadcast live.
It is fully integrated with the editing tools and is able to process your audio and video.
You can also easily download your recording for offline viewing and editing.

Users can create live scoreboards in your stream.
This feature helps you create a live scoreboard during a sporting event, for example, and it is another way of generating revenue.
It is much easier to implement live scoreboards in Wirecast Pro

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