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After the first beta, this mod has been completely revamped to add countless features to it. The first thing that you notice about SEUS PTGI Shaders are the improvements for Water. SEUS now produces better reflections on water, improves water rendering, how its turbulent, and reflections. Note that, the watersurfers can now enjoy even more realistic water animations.

The second thing that you will notice is the great improvements on the Glass shader. SEUS does a great job on the rendering of your glass. While SEUS Glasses correctly render glass, the textures used in SEUS Glasses are actually more realistic. SEUS Glasses now rotates glass, as well as how it warps. Besides, you can now enjoy glasses that also have illuminating properties and an absorbing material.

Still on the Improvements part of this mod, SEUS Water improves the rendering of water. SEUS Water actually properly displays waves. SEUS also improves the rendering of the ocean, for example, the water that seeps under ground. SEUS has also made improvements for the terrain rendering, as SEUS properly displays the terrain, cliffs, and the materials that coat it. Also, SEUS nicely displays multiple terrains in one map.

The next improvements are performed on the Environment. SEUS enriches the world with an amazing amount of features. In this mod, SEUS gives you access to a really great lighting setup with the introduction of Environment lights that can easily color the entire world and give amazing effects to any light. SEUS can now represent different lights with different effects, lights such as rain, night, day, many others.

SEUS is definitely one of the most amazing mods ever created. It has near-perfection. The lighting code is great, shadows are silky smooth, and water is very realistic. Also, the water reflection is also fantastic. Overall, this is an amazing mod. In the old versions, the middle of the pack often had much lower quality water than the other shaders. Now, the water is always perfectly fine.
You do not need to download the SEUS patch that SEUS comes with and you can just download the SEUS v10 RC6 shaderpack. Just unzip the archive and you will get the SEUS v10 shaders (112.73 KB) right away without having to download any of the other shader packs needed.
Experience a realistic water surface in Minecraft. This is SEUS v10 version. Watch the video on YouTube to see how this shaders water looks. Its exciting how the sky reflections are done, so awesome!! Water reflection requires lighting for that, and if you add lighting to a dark, nighttime environment such as on the sea, its even more amazing. In a day or night cycle, everything looks better. I find the air movement to be excellent, as well as the other features included. At the time of this making, I felt that the water surface was one of the best looking shaders I had ever seen. I’ve been using SEUS for a couple of months now and I haven’t seen any other shader that can compete with the water in this shader. From shadows to reflections, everything works perfectly. Even the world reflections are amazingly realistic. What a great mod. I highly recommend this one.
TheSonic Ether Shader (SEUS) is a powerful shaderpack for Minecraft 1.13.2. With > 50 usable shader effects, SEUS is unrivaled in terms of quality and features. SEUS is a large shaderpack containing different shaders and features for Minecraft that will provide an immersive and 3D experience to all viewers. In particular, SEUS is known for its realistic water surface textures and other shader effects. SEUS includes not only base shaders that anyone could create, but also add-ons such as clouds, clouds with lighting, glass, glass with lighting, glass with weather, rainbow, rain with lightning, rain with waterspouts, rain with tilt, rain with wind, smoke, snow, snow with lightning, snow with weather, and many more. SEUS also includes add-ons for adding a lightning system with flashlights, and rendering the sky with clouds and nightlights. SEUS also includes add-ons such as add a weapon renderer, FPS controller and many more.