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You can use KEYMACRO to change the signal that you are gating. The signal you are gating can be one of the five channels or you can use what is called a MACRO. A MACRO is a combination of the CV1-CV5 signals which makes up one of the 10 mono submixes. The six MACRO’s are :
These macros will enable you to gerate something from the keyboard that is normally not there. If you have a sound module that makes a certain sound when you hit a certain key, you can use the keyboard macro’s to change the sound that you hear. For example, if you want to gerate the sound that you hear when you hit the / key on your keyboard, then set PC2 in the KEYMACRO and gerate / and PC2 should do the job.

I was a little confused at first. It is a little hard to believe that you can do this, but what the editor really does is control the timing of the gate in your effects processor.


In KOMPLETE you can set a channel in the Channel Macros submenu.
To determine which channel(s) are in use on which track, go to the Edit menu, go to Macros and click “Get Macros for All Tracks”.
You can set one macro to your CV2 (first track) and one for your CV4 (last track).
Another way is to use the Channels window to determine what your current track has as its output CV. The yellow lines indicate the selected tracks that use that channel.

If you have a surround kit you can define Macros for each of the 6 CV’s of the surround module.

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Allows for holding a specific key for a set time, using any key you like.
KEYMACRO can use the default Midi channel of your keyboard, but it can also use the assigned key of your MIDI device.
This allows you to play drums by using a drum machine and then playing the track backwards to hide the mistakes you made.
The device can also be used to set a specific key and then use it as a trigger to play the selected track.
In addition, the device can be used to play different instruments in various positions of your keyboard.
With this feature you can play at the same time, for example, a set of drums and a saxophone.
The device can be used with any key or any type of instrument you want to play.
Since KEYMACRO is using a Midi channel, it is not necessary to have a Midi Keyboard in order to use the device.
In addition, the sounds it has are very strong and they can be cut easily.
Now let’s see what this product really has to offer!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our forums!

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WOW! You are an awesome performer. Do you have any tips for people who want to start playing drums but are really shy when it comes to performing?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We really appreciate it.

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