Sims 4 Polygamy Cheat 😀

Sims 4 Polygamy Cheat 😀

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Sims 4 Polygamy Cheat

i make this mod with the idea to turn a family sims 4 into a real life poly household. the idea was born when i was playing vanilla, and i was so in love with the “family” sims 4 relationship. there was one mod that created separate objects for each sim and a special relationship for them, and that made me wonder. and since i made a cheats for the sims 4 in a rage i decided to make one that does what i asked for, that is to say, that sims 4 can have more than 1 partner. i have used a new system based on simlish compatibility for this, so you can easily turn a house made with vanilla sims 4 into a poly household with almost no damage. my system can create polygamy with any relationship system, so you can turn almost any vanilla house into a polygamous house. even with vanilla dream house and sims 4 vanilla, you can easily create a real life poly household for you and your sims 4. this is a comprehensive mod, with cheat console and sims 4 husbands toggle, spouses toggle, and with cheat for sims 4 build mode, “turbo mode”. lots of features in this mod. thanks for using it! this mod is a little more simplified than what poly does, but i think it’s more effective for a polysim. to use the mod you just need to activate the cheat console in the game and install my mod (you can use any cheat console, it’s just that i’m using the one from the game). in the sims 4 cheat console, go to relationships and then spouses and you will see the button “make spouse”
so yes, it creates a spouse. there are 2 options for the wedding, but you can also get married with children – with the same options. the new spouses will turn to n/a (spouse), so there is no conflict between the new spouse and your sims 4. if you prefer, you can use the sims 4 polygamy cheat mod, since it turns sims 4 into a polygamous sims, but the new spouse and the new babies will be invisible, or less visible and not turn to n/a for the rest of the sims 4 life. this is the best way to solve your poly desire.

the sims 3 mod system tools has great mods too! it is recommended to install only mods that you intend to use! you can find versions for all platforms including pc, ps4, ps3, xbox 360, xbox one, and nintendo 3ds.
certain mods will cause your game to crash or lock up. this is most likely to happen if you are working on a new game or this particular mod will not work in your current sim’s game. it is always advised to do a backup before trying a new mod and see if you want to continue or not, always make sure you know what you are doing.
in addition, most of the sims 4 games could be played on the mobile devices. thus, there will be no issues with installing the mods there as well. all in all, all of the mobile devices will surely get the best versions of the mods and the benefits that they will grant.
the sims 4 game is actually much subtler than the sims 3 game. this is because billy rand, the modder, has been involved with the game for quite some time. he had even developed mods that allowed the players a chance to simulate miscarriage for the users of the sims 3 game.
there is a way through which you can receive a lot of benefits while playing a game. if you too have been using such hacks, then there are loads of potential options available for you in this game. in the sims 4, you can get these cheats for all classes like protagonists, antagonists, protagonists, antagonists, protagonists, antagonists, protagonists, protagonists, antagonists, and protagonists. so, there are more than enough options for all the users who want to use this game.

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