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Start Charming provides the list of installed apps and allow you to choose the ones you want to launch. The application does not create shortcuts in the Desktop or Start Menu and thus, does not affect the original behavior of the Windows. It is not a replacement for the existing Start Menu. You can use it as a standalone tool or integrate it into the Start Screen to launch your programs.

The tool is compatible with Windows 10.


There is a standalone version of Start Charming which does not require Internet access.

The application can be installed on a USB device.

The Start Screen is available in a small window.

It can be used as a shortcut for the Windows 8.1 Start Screen.

The Charms bar is available by pressing Windows key.


It is not possible to open the Start Screen in a window.

The app’s icon is located in the notification area.

Final Verdict

Start Charming is an easy to use application. It allows you to display the Start Screen in a small window. Moreover, you can launch your favorite apps directly from the Start Screen or from Start Charming. Despite a few flaws, this application is a great option for those who are looking for a way to customize Windows 8.

StartCharming v1.0.1 Full Review

Window 8 users have one thing in common: They hate the original Start Menu and they would like to see the Start Screen in a separate window.
Microsoft has addressed this issue with the Start Screen but the majority of users would like to have the Start Menu back and this application is a tool to make it possible.

Start Charming is a simple and easy to use application that lets you launch your favorite applications directly from the Start Screen.
The application is not a replacement of the Start Menu but an alternative way to select the apps you want to use in the Start Screen. It has a standalone version and a built-in feature that lets you integrate it into the Start Screen.

Start Charming helps you to change the behavior of the Start Screen. You can open the Start Screen in a small window which lets you view only part of the desktop. You can add the Charms bar to the window by pressing the Windows key or by clicking the Start button.

Start Charming Overview:

Start Charming is a small application that provides you with a handy tool to customize the Start Screen. You can open it

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Start Charming is a small tool that helps to launch a window to display the list of the installed apps. It is not an app, but a shell extension that can be easily added to Windows 8. It is a handy application which can be considered as a multi-purpose tool. The Start Charming is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You can use it to launch the Start Screen or display your running apps. It provides the ability to change the size and position of the window. However, you cannot change the window type from full-screen to window.
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Since Windows 8 was launched, the removal of the omnipresent Start Menu has raised a lot of questions and complaints across the Windows users community. Among the issues were the absence of the Start button and the fact that that new menu covers the entire desktop.
Although Microsoft addressed the first problem by adding a button in the 8.1 version, the menu is still displayed in full screen mode without any option to change its behavior. This tool allows you to open the Start Screen in a smaller window which lets the user view a part of the desktop.
Basically, the application provides you with a downsized version of the Start Screen that can be launched by pressing the Windows key or clicking the Start button. The window provides the same functionality as the original, including the ability to change the shortcut size and position.
You can close the menu by clicking the desktop which makes it easier to go back to your previous activity. However, you cannot change the window size or position in order to adjust how much of the desktop is visible.
The main goal of Start Charming is to provide you with a user-friendly interface which is achieved by removing the immersive interface and displaying the running programs. Unfortunately, it is not able to run the Windows 8 apps in a window as many users might hope.
If opening the Start Screen in a window makes your work easier, Start Charming is a viable and easy to use tool. Moreover, it adds a tray icon that opens the Charms bar with one click instead of moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.
KEYMACRO Description:
Start Charming is a small tool that helps to launch a window to display the list of the installed apps. It is not an app, but a

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Mac and Linux users are usually not so happy with their computer because they struggle to find the exact data they need. The reason behind it is the fact that the structure of the folders in a computer’s filesystem is fairly complex and hard to understand for a newcomer.
Fortunately, Windows has got a nice system with its File Explorer which allows you to navigate between folders and check their structure without having to know the exact path.
Since Windows 8 was launched, the folders are presented on a new interface called the Start Screen. The Start Screen can display multiple items that makes it harder to find the information you need, especially for a computer novice.
Although Microsoft addressed the issue by adding some helpful options to the Start Screen, there is no way to display a list of the items with one click. In order to do so, you have to drag the items in the Start Screen and launch the Search window.
This tool helps you to filter all the Start Screen folders in order to make it easier to find the files you need.
The application presents a window with a drop-down list of the folders that you need to get to. It displays the current path where you are located in order to avoid having to click the Path button again.
You can search for the files you need by typing the name of the file in the Search box or browsing the whole computer by using the Navigation button.
The application is not able to open the Start Screen in a window, so you have to drop the selected items in order to open the Start Screen. However, it offers you the option to open the Start Screen in its own window in order to view the contents of the Start Screen without moving the mouse.
This tool is designed for people who find the Start Screen overwhelming, especially for people who are not familiar with computers. Its main purpose is to help you get to the specific folders on the computer.
You can easily navigate to the “Program Files” folder and see where it is located without having to click every single item in the Start Screen. It works with all the program folders and is compatible with all the versions of Windows starting with Windows 95.



Windows 8 was launched with a new interface for the Start Screen that is quite different from the traditional Windows interface. The interface allows you to open a window with all the open programs, apps and documents.
Although the Start Screen contains useful information about the items on the computer, it is not always easy to get

What’s New In?

Windows 8 greatly changed the interface, and a lot of us are still struggling with the fact that the Start Menu is not going to be displayed any more. For many, it is a bad decision, while for others, it is a life-changing one.
Start Charming is the perfect application for those users who miss the familiar Start Menu, which also provided the ability to change the Start icon. If you are one of those users, you are now able to change the size of the Start screen to a convenient one that displays only the necessary items.
Instead of using the small icon, users can now choose a suitable size that lets them see the list of all running apps. The window is brought up using the desktop and it is possible to drag the slider left and right to change the area of the screen that is covered.
If you prefer to keep the Start menu displayed in full screen mode, you can use the program to hide the menu and only keep the window opened. For that purpose, you need to click the Start icon and then the x button that will bring you to the desktop.
After you have completed your work, you need to click the desktop icon to return to the previous screen. Start Charming also includes a tray icon that makes it possible to run the program right away from the system tray without starting the main program.
What’s New in This Release:

As promised, here’s the full changelog:
– Change the size and position of the Charms Bar
– Show the value of the slider in the main window
– Allow the user to restore the window size after a restart
– Show the Charms Bar again after closing it
– Fix the the maximization of the window
– Allow the user to move the menu
– Make the list focus after loading

i want to make a app which can make the start menu to be opened in a smaller window.the most part of the windows 8 start menu is hidden. i am not asking for the start menu but i want to make the start menu to be opened in a smaller window. and i have not looked into how it is done in windows 8 because i do not have windows 8 yet. i just want to make this app and install it in my windows 7 and see how it works. is it possible? can i make a windows 8 app? or do i need to make a windows 7 app?

1) A tool like Start Charming is really useful for people who want to customize the Start Menu in Windows 8.
2) The main menu is always displayed in full screen mode in the new user interface of Windows 8. There is no way to disable the immersive user interface and force the Start Screen in a smaller window.
3) Start Charming provides the user with a downsized version of the Start Screen that can be launched by pressing the Windows key or clicking the Start button. However

System Requirements For Start Charming:

• 1.0.0 +
• 1.4.0 +
• 1.5.0 +
• 1.6.0 +
• 1.7.0 +
• 1.8.0 +
• 1.9.0 +
• 2.0.0 +
• 2.1.0 +
• 2.2.0 +
• 2.3.0 +
• 2

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