The Hierarchy Of The Blessed Angels Pdf ((BETTER))

The Hierarchy Of The Blessed Angels Pdf ((BETTER))


The Hierarchy Of The Blessed Angels Pdf

the prophet was taught that there are in the human race beings who, in an intellectual light, attain to the most high perfection, and who are subject, by the eternal law, to the principle of the divine essential, from which principle alone they have had their perception of all things and all things their manifold impress and manifestation. this is the first order of these enlightened intelligences, and is called, according to the great and glorious law of the divine being, ‘the holy angels’.

i must add here, however, that some holy scriptures say that the holy angels ‘do not fall, but they do not rise up to anything;’ whereas some others say that they are ‘likewise the highest point of ascent, from which they behold all things.

neither does the bible say clearly that they have originated from the divine nature, for its original intent was to lay down the law, and not to state all the designs of the divine nature. but according to some holy writ, written by one of these holy angels, when the first spiritual senses, breathless and raptured with the divine bliss, were awakened in the fleshly tabernacle in the world, the most exalted of the intelligences delivered them from that earthly tabernacle; and that glorious dispensation was shown to the prophet as glorious as the sun on the wing of the wind, when, after the ills of egypt, it resplendent shines forth in its own unimpeachable splendour, although the original intent of the hebrew scribe was to explain the mysteries of the divine things.

the chief angels, therefore, are rather prophets than otherwise, for it is not their function to give divine revelations to us in the same sense that they advise the lord, assist him, and proclaim his purposes, but to lead us and admonish us to the measure of their own knowledge, and to initiate, interpret, and adorn the truths which have been revealed to them.

just as man is singularly created in being the sole instance of created wisdom and primal intelligence, so is each angel uniquely created, in his own order, in his own supremacy, and in his own shape. and in it, he is endowed with a nature both human and celestial. for both the leading principles of the human and of the divine natures are united in the unique form which a person acquires, which is either perfectly fitting or rather only partially fitting, for it is precisely those celestial natures which are usually in contact with the human and immanent qualities which are most naturally imperfectly understood in the human order. and the imperfections of this natural state remain as residue until chastisement or correction, when through supernatural labor they are changed into celestial perfections. the hierarchy of the blessed angels pdf and the angelic hierarchies are thus ordered in the divine and the human nature of the blessed, the human in the least imperfect manner, the second in the less imperfect, and the highest in the least imperfect, so that the least perfect, namely, the second natures and the first intelligences, are not consumed and consumed and the further they are removed from the human order, the more they can give to us of the celestial natures, and the further they are removed from the human, the more they derive from us in truth. and the lowest is above the highest; the most perfect below the least perfect; the angelic order is below the celestial order, and the celestial is above the earthly, and below the ethereal, and below the supercelestial and below nature. the celestial natures rise above the divine natures. 5ec8ef588b