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YMedia will change the current song that’s being played in Windows Media Player into a custom name that you provide as a Yahoo Messenger status message. You can also select a list of songs and set the status message for each. The program also allows you to change the image that appears in the status message.

YMedia 8.0.859.0 Multilingual

YMedia has all you need to turn your Windows Media Player into a status update station. This is great when you are using Yahoo Messenger, because it is extremely useful to have status messages that change depending on what song is playing or who is your friend on Messenger. You can even set a status message that changes according to your mood.
This will provide you with a fun way to customize your Internet surfing, but you should be sure that you are using a good anti-virus program, because YMedia will ask you for permission to do this. It might ask for more information than you are comfortable with.
This program will change your status messages in multiple ways: you can select a song from your library, set a name for the song and then tell Yahoo Messenger to use that name. This will make your friends get to know who you are without having to actually talk to them. It’s a simple way to be much more active in your Yahoo Messenger experience.
In addition to all these features, YMedia has an option that lets you change the image that you want to appear in your status updates. It is not a big requirement to this program, but it does offer some fun options. You can change your status messages from a list of songs to a list of people and even a smiley face, with different background images. This is not only a fun way to be more active in your Yahoo Messenger, but also an option that anyone can use.
If you are interested in seeing the types of things that YMedia has to offer, just give the program a try. There are a few things that it is lacking, but you can change all of that when you first run the program. All in all, you should use this program as long as you have a Yahoo Messenger account.

YMedia in Software Update

YMedia is a small program that allows you to use Windows Media Player as a message sender. It does not require a lot of memory and even allows you to change the name of the song that is being played. This is particularly useful when you use Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger does not like the status message to be eea19f52d2

SCA Explorer enables you to access and control a selected SCA domain. It is a waveform viewer that provides waveform access and control functions.
The user interface of SCA Explorer is as follows:
1. A default interface for browsing waveforms
2. A link to connect to a SCA domain
3. A link to connect to a SCA domain to manage or control waveforms in the domain
The functions of SCA Explorer are as follows:
1. View and control waveforms in the selected domain
2. Connect to a specified domain
3. View waveforms
4. View waveform parameters
5. View waveform commands and waveform policy
6. Open waveforms
7. Add waveforms to the active list
8. Add waveform parameters to the active list
9. Delete waveforms from the active list
10. Update waveforms and waveform parameters
11. Delete waveforms and waveform parameters
12. Open waveforms
13. Execute a waveform
14. Clear the waveform execution list
15. Run waveform command
16. Run waveform command with parameters
17. Run waveform policy
18. List the command status of the waveform
19. Run a waveform in the back-up domain
20. Execute a waveform command in the back-up domain
21. Execute a waveform command with parameters
22. Execute waveform policy
23. Execute command policy with parameters
24. Display waveform history
25. Read waveform log
26. Edit waveform log
27. Search waveform log
28. Schedule waveform
29. Edit waveform parameters
30. Run waveform to execute a command
31. Generate the waveform
32. Compare waveform with a waveform
33. Search waveform parameter
34. Search waveform command parameter
35. Generate the waveform
36. Create new waveform to handle a command
37. Build service component architecture waveform
38. Create new service component architecture waveform
39. Add one or more waveform rules to a waveform
40. Add waveform parameter
41. Add one or more waveform commands to a waveform
42. Add waveform policy
43. Add one or more waveform commands to a waveform policy
44. Add one or more waveform parameters to a waveform policy
45. Add waveform rule

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