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I watched this flick in the cinema, and it left me quite shocked and disturbed in the end. The story starts off with a woman who got in to some strange kind of trouble, which is not even explained to the viewer. She is picked up and taken away to an empty house, with guys who have guns and threatening to shoot her, if she continues to cry and scream. She is then stripped naked, and then taken into the room where the guys told her to sit down, only to not be satisfied with her sitting right there, but also demanding that she stand up. When she refuses, she is taken and thrown into the wall (end of 1 minute mark). She falls on the floor on her side, and soon after, the doctor comes in with a saw and takes out his half-digested breakfast (apparently with his tongue). He then touches her private parts and sees that she is broken (2 minutes in). After he is done, he tells her that he was a doctor in the army, and that he is going to have to wait for the guy who is coming to deal with her (6 minutes in). When the guy comes in (apparently the guy has a mole on his face, but his features are not described), they begin to beat her up and she is eventually tied with a chain, bound with clothespins, and thrown into a cupboard (11 minutes in). Then, they return to the room, and plan to bring her into the room where she was thrown in. They are waiting for her to be dead, and have brought a bunch of knives, only they are not very sharp. They plan to throw them around her, and then cut her up (12 minutes in). After a few more minutes, they have her tied to the bed (13 minutes in), and they begin to try out some sort of surgery on her. She is bleeding, and the men are distressed about it (14 minutes in). After a minute or so, she regains consciousness and is crying. The men try to comfort her, and she seems to start crying a bit as well, and then they get back to work. She is cut up again, and they stop to admire their work (16 minutes in). Finally they take their glee out, only to find that she is not dead yet. They have to come back to her. She comes to, and is angry, and the guys seem to get stressed out about this. They tie her up again, and begin to cut her up once more (21 minutes in). After a long pause, she is knocked out (23 minutes in) and when she wakes up she finds herself in the house, completely naked, looking at her own blood, and crying. Then, she passes out for a few more minutes. When she wakes up, again completely naked, she finds that the room she is in has turned into a kitchen, and she sees a man standing there with a half-eaten piece of sushi (29 minutes in). The guys bring her to this place and sit her in the kitchen and leave. I’m not quite sure what happened here, but I’m guessing they are going to kill her and eat her. No. One. Lick. Of. Her. Flesh. (30 minutes in). Then, she passes out yet again. When she comes to, she is covered in scratches and bites all over, and she is naked (37 minutes in). The guys bring her to a house (my first guess was a sick place) and make her throw up. When she finishes, she goes to the bathroom to change (47 minutes in). She takes a shower, and it is implied that she has become pregnant. Then, she has breakfast.

heres the $7.5k bluray 1080p version of the show. there are some issues with the subtitles but theyre pretty accurate. this is a bit of a different version of the show than the upload above. during this versions recording david shapiro was on a short hiatus from speaking and he had to be replaced. the subtitles in this version are close to verbatim. we got to interview more guests then this. i think we did about 10 minutes more and had the usual lineup of david, tom, cramertronics and trent and anthony. we were recording this about a week after we recorded this hour long show and we just ran out of time. we caught the last 5 minutes of the recording then cut it all off at the beginning of the next day. so there are some editing/timing issues. some parts of the show are a little hard to find and since we weren’t doing interviews during that time there were some spots we forgot to add. i put in text that was optional, some parts of the show were too short to include much of it. so yeah. do yourself a favor and grab this version. you can find it all on the itunes store or you can also download from . enjoy.
hosts: anthony coulter (37:36 – 40:54) guests: tom west (9:40-11:00) music: china petrich disclaimer: this is the episodic version and we haven’t edited it. this is the way it came out. we cut it up a little bit to make it more available. if you like the way it was we would love to get you the non-episodic version. that can be found over .