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KeyMacro is the Windows keyboard macro recorder. The application allows you to record your keyboard actions and automate them by simply playing the recording again. This means that you can create a repeating or customized keyboard shortcut by simply recording a keyboard combination. The recorded macros are saved to files in a database that you can further use to edit and organize the recorded keys. The application provides an options menu for customizing the keyboard options as well as creating new custom key macros.
KeyMacro doesn’t require installation, as it is a standalone utility. Therefore, it is portable and will work across all computers. This application is developed in a way that is easy to use and offers a straightforward interface.

The keypoints are as follows:

Create custom shortcut or keyboard combination
The application provides the ability to record your own custom keyboard combinations. All of the key combinations are displayed in a list, so you will find it much easier to identify the keys that you are looking for. You can create as many shortcuts as you wish.

Save macros to database
Macros are saved in a database, so you will be able to view your macros from a single place. The database can be saved on the drive that you use to access the application and therefore is accessible to every PC that you use.

Import / Export macros
You can also download the database of macros from the drive that contains the application. Therefore, the database is portable and will work on every machine. This is an essential feature for any software that offers a database support, as it will save time.

View the macros
The application provides a detailed list that shows all the recorded keyboard combinations. You can edit and organize your own macros with ease. The list provides information about the recorded keys and the actions that they perform.

The application comes with options for users that want to change the behaviour of the application. You will find the options in the Options menu. It includes the ability to export macros to a file or text document.

KeyMacro offers a number of features that will be of great help to users that need to create and edit their own keyboard combinations. It is very easy to use and will keep you organized.

BEAT, which stands for Body-Environment-Aware Technology, allows users to input data using voice commands. It is an open source application that is available for download via the internet. The software operates as a personal assistant that allows you to search the internet for information and articles 70238732e0

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