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trackpadcontrolmoduleserialnumber it’s a very good mobile.. I like it..i have same problem in my phone..i got the same problem in my mobile too..i can’t view all pages in the mobile, even i dont have internet in the mobile.. i have two trackpad control of them is working fine but i cant understand why..i have to pay money for a solution for my phone.. but not in my computer..

Thing I’m telling you is truth. it is very important for your system and your all other things also work fine. I have a trackpad control module too, I have got it for free from a friend in my city. But if you try to download in that package then you will see many system files and many software also get installed and it is not good. Please see the difference and the situation I’m explaining to you.

i tried to install it in serial number and that was working fine, but when i put my license key is not works. even i could not login into my facebook account. so please help me.

20/01/2014 I attempted installing this on my new win 7 computer, and when it tries to install (from my blackberry desktop application), it states that I have to disable windows firewall. I have never had this issue with any of the installers I have downloaded, and a quick search on the internet doesn’t reveal anyone else with the same issue.

Try this, visit the site
within your windows desktop, locate the file blackbox.exe, right click, open with and select run as admin.

20/01/2014 Does anybody know of a good crack for this?? My dad wants me to do it for him and im not too sure how to crack it but i searched and found this website

I found these USB Ports that I would like to use for my new Trackpad Control Module from the BlackBerry. Does anybody know where I can find these Ports? I have a BlackBerry Curve 9290.

20/01/2014 I am downloading the CrackBerry.exe and running it on my computer. I have a blackberry 9800. It has a trackpad but the target serial number is wrong

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