University Physics Harris Benson !!HOT!! 👉

University Physics Harris Benson !!HOT!! 👉


University Physics Harris Benson

for the past 13 years, the american college health association has designated lamar university as an annual healthy campus award winner. the award highlights outstanding efforts of campus and community members to promote and provide a supportive environment for all students and employees.

in addition to being selected as a healthy campus award winner, lamar university has earned distinction as a community health champion award winner by the association of american colleges and universities in health education.

we are pleased to announce the lamar university community is now eligible to apply for funding from the federally qualified health centers (fqhc) program, which provides health care to underserved patients.

the lamar university foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization and a separate legal entity from lamar university. the foundation’s purpose is to support and enhance programs, facilities, and other university initiatives that are designated as priorities for the university. the foundation is not responsible for any of the university’s expenditures.

lamar university’s highly qualified faculty is the backbone of the university’s academic success. to honor this excellence and continue to support lamar’s mission of empowering students for service, philanthropy, and leadership, the university’s academic affairs department has established the lamar university distinguished professors award.

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g. gary grace, student affairs, (0)
michael harris, business administration, (0)
dennis judd, faculty council presiding officer, (0)
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blanche touhill, chancellor, (0)
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jack nelson, academic affairs, (0)
teresa thiel, biology, (0)
blanche touhill, chancellor, (0)
jeanne morgan zarucchi, senate chairperson, (0)

lamar university is pleased to announce the completion of a multi-year partnership between the university and the american nuclear society, inc. that will result in the establishment of a graduate program in nuclear science and engineering and the awarding of the first lamar university nuclear science & engineering doctorate (ph.d.) degree. “i am delighted to be a part of lamar university’s historic transition to a comprehensive university,” said dr. richard l. maurer, ed., vice president for academic affairs and provost. “the university is committed to the highest quality academic programs and i am confident that the new program will be a leader in the field of nuclear science and engineering.”
lamar university college of engineering dean russell f. johnson, ph.d., invites members of the lamar university community to the 2018 school of engineering dean’s conference “advances in materials and manufacturing: from academic to applied” on may 19, 2018. this annual event is designed to communicate the importance of these two disciplines to the university, the state and the nation.
in keeping with the theme of this year’s event, “advances in materials and manufacturing: from academic to applied,” materials and manufacturing professionals are invited to join dean johnson and the school of engineering’s faculty and staff to exchange information, ideas, and best practices and to network with industry, government, and other educational institutions. this year’s dean’s conference will be held at the lamar university conference center on the campus of lamar university in beaumont, texas.