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KeyMACRO is a script to enable and record keystroke log messages.
KeyMACRO reads /dev/tty0 or /dev/ttyS0.
KeyMACRO sends keystroke messages to remote host in real time.

FileBBS is a multi-line text-mode Bulletin Board System for the i86 CPU and Linux. If you are a Linux user and know how to send text messages on a BBS, then you can use FileBBS to do it.

Now it’s easy to use…
Create message files for your system with Makefile.
Run FileBBS from console or X (optional) for best performance.
The system will automatically display the message as they are created, not just when they are ready for reading.
If you need to display BBS messages in a window application such as xclock, make sure to run FileBBS as a daemon.
The “Sent” messages will be displayed in the sentinel window.
The “Recieved” messages will be displayed in the read/write window.

FileBBS provides a set of functionality to display the stored messages:
Message timestamp display
Message display time zone display (database records the date and time the message was created)
Message display size display (text messages can be displayed in different size)
Multiple line display

I decided to give my thoughts on the new Linux distro VirtualBox (1.2.2). First of all, you will need to download the latest ISO of VB – here is the link.
Once you download and extract it, you will get a folder called VB. Inside this, you will find one text file – README.txt. This will contain the release notes for the new VB 1.2.2 release.

VirtualBox is a free, easy-to-use virtual machine manager. With VirtualBox you can run Windows and Linux operating systems on your computer.
Virtually any operating system can be run from a CD or DVD using a Read-Only Memory (ROM) disk image. VirtualBox supports a large range of processor architectures, operating systems, main memory sizes, disk configurations, network configurations and device drivers.
VirtualBox is a Linux distribution:

Any practical program that deals with text file operations should include the capability to merge files. The basic types of applications which can merge files are word processors (both desktop and cross-platform), 384a16bd22

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Build full-featured keyboard shortcuts in 5 minutes

KEYMACRO is the most robust, easy-to-use, and affordable tool for quickly and easily creating and managing keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard shortcuts enable you to operate your computer with the keyboard instead of a mouse. They are useful because they allow you to get things done quickly and avoid the mouse from being a secondary choice.
Keyboard shortcuts enable you to control your computer with a keyboard, using the same keyboard shortcuts as your mouse. Although they’re faster than a mouse, they can seem unfamiliar.
Adding new keyboard shortcuts, deleting shortcuts, and changing shortcuts are basic tasks that most users can perform, but it is far from a simple process and it can take hours of work to discover the shortcuts.
Keymacro solves this issue by introducing a powerful and easy-to-use keyboard shortcut manager that quickly and easily gives you the ability to create, manage, and edit all of your keyboard shortcuts.
It can do all this with ease, in five minutes or less, and it does so by giving you a visual representation of all your keyboard shortcuts at once. You will be able to see what shortcut keys are available and where they are located.
You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your favorite programs and files and then use them to control your computer. In addition, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to open programs and control functions, such as minimizing, maximizing, and closing them.
Some programs that you can use with Keymacro are Internet Explorer, Outlook, PowerPoint, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, and more. It’s just a matter of dragging the shortcut keys you want to use onto the Keymacro keyboard icon.
Some functions that you can control with Keymacro are:

– Display or hide the keyboard shortcut window.
– Add or remove shortcut keys.
– Add or delete shortcut keys.
– Change the order of the shortcuts.
– Display or hide the properties window.
– Change the color and size of the window.
– Change the color and size of the icons.
– Select a program or file to edit its shortcut keys.
– Rename the shortcut.
– Insert the shortcut into the current document.
– Open a shortcut when you press a key.
– Save the shortcut.

The best part about this program is that it gives you the ability to learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in a very simple and fun way.

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