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Microsoft Visual Parsic is a tool to create parsers in Visual Basic . The extension has been discontinued, and its source code is publicly available under the MIT license.
Visual Studio.NET is a set of software tools developed by Microsoft for building applications that run on the.NET .
Visual Basic 6 allows you to develop Windows-based applications on a non-Windows platform, such as the Macintosh, in.
Dictionary definition of Visual Basic with two meanings. of Visual Basic, an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Microsoft. See: Visual Basic 6 .
Visual Basic (Microsoft) by Scott Thill. A software programming language developed by Microsoft to create applications that run on the Windows NT operating system..
Visual Basic (Assembly) by Andrew David Zinser. A software programming language developed by Microsoft to create applications that run on the Windows NT operating system..
Visual Basic is a way to create programs in Visual Basic; sometimes it is also called VB.NET (Visual Basic.NET). A Visual Basic program is a collection of commands that runs under the.NET Framework.
Visual Basic is a generic term for programs that use the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. VB.NET is a trademark for a series of related programming languages..
A subset of Visual Basic called Visual Basic.NET is part of the Microsoft.NET Framework.
A web application built on.NET Framework and the Microsoft .NET Framework is available in Visual Studio. Visual Studio supports the .NET Framework as well as other Microsoft technologies such as XNA, Windows Forms, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), WF, Visual Studio.NET and ASP.NET. It is also possible to use Visual Studio.NET to create applications that use the .NET Framework.
The Visual Basic 6 engine (known as VBE) is a toolset for writing Visual Basic 6 code. The Visual Basic 6 language features and its implementation are described in the.NET framework:
Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language that Microsoft has open sourced, fully documented, and released under an Apache 2.0 license..NET features Visual Basic for.NET..NET has also a.NET Framework, based on.NET 2.0.
Visual Studio Express Edition for Microsoft Visual Basic is a development environment. The project is available as a free, open-source project on SourceForge under the GNU General Public License.


Visual Basic.NET 4.0. Install Visual Basic 5 on Windows Vista.
Visual Basic 6 is a high-level, object-oriented BASIC like language supported on Windows, Macintosh, and Windows CE.
Visual Basic is a full-featured programming language for Windows and Macintosh. The product is based on Microsoft’s previous Visual Basic (VB) 4.0 programming environment which was released in March 1993. Visual Basic 6 was discontinued on April 25, .

Visual Basic 2.0 Tutorials: Books, Video Tutorials.
Installing Visual Basic . For more information on Visual Basic 2.0, see the following:.
Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 Guide | Microsoft Visual Studio Download.
C%2B%2B, the C-like programming language in Visual Basic 6.0.C%2B%2B is a powerful, object-oriented programming language for Windows .
Installing Visual Basic .

[ What is the difference between Visual Basic 4 and Visual Basic 5?],
Visual Basic (Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1).

The Microsoft.NET Framework (formerly Windows.Net) is a distributed framework which extends the Common Language Runtime. It supports applications based on the .
What is Visual Basic 6? –
Visual Basic 6.0 Help.

[ What is the difference between Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic Scripting and Visual Basic 6?],
What is Visual Basic?.
The language and IDE, as the name implies, were based on the popular .
Microsoft Visual Basic 6: An Introductory Overview.

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) (pronounced “vee-bix”) is a high-level programming language based on the .
Visual Basic.NET 4 Programming Guide.

Visual Basic – Wikipedia.
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