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The schedule column in a user interface is often quite confusing. People quickly learn to avoid accessing the side column because they often misbehave, or worse, select the wrong date.
In some cases, the developers may allow users to click the desired option in the schedule column, but as a rule, the available selection options are quite limited, and it is much more convenient to use mouse.

And here is the mouse pointer with a unique and nice feature: the ability to click into the opposite corner of the screen. This button can also be used to reverse the order of the weekly days.
The Modern UI is the new face of Microsoft Windows, so they must use it.
On the other hand, an interface that was not in vogue may be unattractive to users, and the company may not get the required number of new customers.
If you feel confused by the Modern UI interface, we have some tips for you:

1. Hot Keys

The hot keys can be defined using the Modern UI, and allow you to perform certain tasks quickly. With the use of this feature, you may increase the time you spend on completing important processes.
For example, you can use F2 to open the date and time settings, or press ALT+L to open the folder of the current month, or shift+F4 to go to the last tab of the current web browser.

2. Explorer

You can use the mouse pointer and press ALT to perform the most common tasks in the interface, and you can use ALT+TAB and ALT+ENTER to open or close a window.
You should notice the right click menu of the mouse pointer is gone.

3. Keyboard

The keyboard is now the only way to configure the user interface in some areas. You can now use the keyboard to go to the Calendar and start typing a new appointment. You can use the keyboard to type a name, fill out the mandatory fields, or quickly mark the selected event.

There are two ways to use the keyboard: for configuring settings and for performing tasks.

4. Mouse

If you find the mouse pointer confusing or a burden, you may change the application using a tool from the Control Panel.

5. Commands

Microsoft’s operating system includes some very handy commands.
You can type the start menu in the search box on the taskbar, and select one of the popular programs, such as eea19f52d2


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