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The application is dedicated to helping the users in tracking their digital hand during tangible user interface setups. This application was built using the C++ application programming interface, XNA framework and DirectX (DirectInput).
The software consists of an application program that supports multiple input methods, such as a Microsoft Kinect, a Leap Motion, a Wii Remote or a Phillips Intuos pen. It also requires a computer with Windows XP or higher operating system, with graphics card drivers compatible with DirectInput.reacTIVision Features:
– Supports a Wii Remote, Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion or a Phillips Intuos pen as an input device.
– Allows the user to check the “extra” fiducial markers that were printed during the setup process of a table-based tangible user interface.
– Combines the position and rotation of fiducial markers with the position of the tangible user interface’s surface, allowing the user to get a complete picture of the set-up.
– Supports the TUIO protocol, allowing the user to perform open sound control messages through a UDP network socket and transmit to its corresponding client application the state of tangible objects and multi-touch objects that are found into a table-based interface.
– Allows the user to calibrate the finger size through the overlay grid provided by the application and later calibrate the finger size by marking a round white region touching the surface and checking its size.
– Stores the input and output settings into an XML file, which can be later on edited by the user.
– The user is provided with many different interfaces to set up a table-based tangible user interface and choose among different fiducial markers.
– The user is provided with an on-screen help file that provides general information about the application.
What’s New in this Version:
Version 1.2:
– Includes a new joystick interface
– Fixed the position of the “Arrow” slider
– Fixed the position of the “Handle” slider
– Fixed the position of the “Hand” slider
– The “Draw” button now allows the user to draw over the application
– The “Nozzle” box now has a scale
– Fixed an issue with reacTIVision not responding to the joystick interface
– Fixed an issue with the joystick interface not responding to the user
– Fixed the “X”, “Y” and “Z” sl d82f892c90

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• Transfer photos and videos from your digital camera to your computer.
• You can specify the directory and file name of each photo and video.
• Optionally, you can split a folder into subfolders and rename the files, so you can find them easily.
• You can also keep only the best photos with Photo Hunter.
• Save photos and videos as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, MP3 and WAV files.
• Delete files on your camera after they have been successfully copied to your computer.
• Supports a variety of popular digital camera file formats, such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, MPEG, MOV, AVI and MOD.
• Merges photo and video files.
• You can easily browse your picture collections with Photo Hunter.
• Supports EXIF metadata, which enables you to view the file attributes of photos and videos.
• Specify the video encoding format for newly transferred files, so you can easily view them on your computer, such as MOV, MP4, MPG and AVI.
• You can preview the file properties when you drag them from the explorer to the program’s main window.
• Optionally, you can save files as a TIFF file.
• You can name your photo and video files after their date of creation, and you can save them in a date-based format.
• Optionally, you can label each file as a video file, a still picture or both.
• You can erase all the files on your camera or flash drive after they have been successfully copied to your computer.
• Supports Wi-Fi and memory card reader for transferring files to your computer wirelessly or directly.
• Supports a variety of image and video file formats, including JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, MPG, MPEG, MOV, AVI and MOD.

No file in the world is perfect, but even the most flawed of files has a potential for use. Sometimes the flaws are blatant and easily fixable, while other times the flaws may go unnoticed and unnoticed until it is too late to do anything about it.

Mozilla’s support for building the Firefox browser, the world’s most popular free web browser, just got a boost.

WebKit, the foundation that underlies


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