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Class and Library Path Browser is an easy-to-use application for Java and Java-based web sites.
The application provides an easy-to-read and use graphical view of the current class path and JAR libraries. Users can navigate through the class path and libraries using an elegant tree view. Users can search the tree view for classes, JARs, and other items.
On the left side of the class path and library tree view, there are buttons to launch an application class and an empty class.
For easier class navigation, Class and Library Path Browser offers support for the following class-path features:
· Filters for search and navigation: classes, JARs, classes in JARs, and specific JARs
· Bookmarks for classes, JARs, and specific JARs
· Double-clicking on any entry in the tree view to launch the class or JAR
· Copying a path or JAR to the clipboard
Class and Library Path Browser Features:
· Navigable tree view
· Copying a class or JAR path to the clipboard
· Double-clicking on any entry in the tree view to launch the class or JAR
· Automatic search of JAR libraries
· Copying JARs to the clipboard
· Bookmarking JARs
· Navigating between the current path and the current class or JAR in the current path
· Loading JARs and classes in the current path
· Setting application class and JARs
· Setting the application classpath and the library classpath
· Disabling one or both classpaths
· Setting the security policy
· Setting the security policy for applications in the classpath
· Enable/disable searching of JAR libraries
· Add/remove JARs from the classpath
· Search JARs by name, version, or fingerprint
· Starting the current class
· Search JARs by name, version, or fingerprint
· Search JARs by the name, class, or implementation class of a class
· Accessing the Javadocs for a class
· Searching JARs by date added
· Searching JARs by date last modified
· Accessing Javadocs for a JAR
· Search JARs by date added
· Search JARs by date last modified
· Listing only JARs of a certain type
· Listing only JARs of a eea19f52d2


The ultimate download manager!
3wGet is the ultimate download manager. It provides a unique combination of essential features in one easy-to-use application.
It allows you to control all your downloads at once, arrange them into sessions, batch download, schedule downloads at a later time, pause downloads and resume them later, monitor your bandwidth usage, etc.
3wGet is an “end-to-end” solution that can download multiple files, automatically, from one single location to your desktop and/or any other place.
3wGet doesn’t need to be installed – it just works – right out of the box!
3wGet is compatible with virtually all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
3wGet is available in two editions – Free and Professional.
Included with the Free edition are the following features:
– Scheduler and browser integration (1-click download, scheduled downloads, clipboard monitoring)
– Bandwidth Control – support all bandwidth control modes from light to heavy
– Full support for the Windows 7 Security Updates
– 3wGet can be setup to automatically download all security patches on your PC
– Advanced file types filtering support
– Advanced search options
– Advanced “Right Click” download support
– Multiple mirror support (you can specify multiple servers for any file)
3wGet Professional edition supports all the features of the Free edition plus:
– Active Directory support
– 3wGet User interface can be translated into any language
– Real-time file listing (currently only support for Windows files, but we are working on that)
– Configurable notifications
– Upload, download and FTP support
– Triggers on completed, paused or stopped downloads
– Skipped file
– Retry all the downloaded files (downloads re-initiated)
– Download logs
– 3wGet Advanced – advanced upload and FTP settings, schedule a file to be automatically uploaded or FTP’d when completed, download logs (detailed report showing completed, cancelled or retried files)
– Rename Downloaded Files – change the name or size of the downloaded file
– RAR support
– ZIP support (Only for Windows files)
– COMRAR support (Only for Windows files)
– Drag and Drop support (for Windows files only)
– Support for Easy-Updater

Complete features are definitely available for both free and paid versions of 3wGet, but Premium features are


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