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Make it easy for you to install, remove or add a key to Windows Registry. KEYMACRO enables you to quickly and easily add or remove a user defined key in the Windows registry.
A simple 3-step wizard will guide you through the process.Step 1:Click the Add Key icon to add a key.Step 2: Enter the name of the key in the Key Name field, then click OK.Step 3:Select the value (value1,value2,value3) you want to assign to your key and click OK.
KeyMacro has a full range of options to help you create your own Windows registry keys and values.With a few clicks you can set the value of any existing or new key.
The application also allows you to export a file of key/value pairs, split the file into two or more files, copy the key/value to the clipboard, change the values in the current key, remove the current key, rename the current key or remove the entire key.
GET ACCESS to the list of installed programs in Windows.
GET INSTANT ACCESS to your key/value pairs with just a few clicks.
GET OPTIONS to manipulate any key or value.
Windows Registry Editor is designed to be a lightweight and easy to use Registry Editor. The purpose of the application is to make the job of editing and altering the Windows registry much simpler and easier for both Windows users and system administrators.
Microsoft has made a dedicated program to make changes to your Windows registry, however Windows Registry Editor is not a stand-alone application and it can also be used with any text editor of your choice.
KeyMACRO Windows Registry Editor, allows you to create and edit registry keys or values with ease.Features:-Allows you to make changes to the Windows registry with a simple 3-step wizard.-Ability to import and export a file of key/value pairs.-Ability to change the value of any existing or new key.-Ability to set or remove the value of a key.-Ability to remove the key itself.-Ability to split a file into multiple files.-Ability to copy the key/value to the clipboard.-Ability to rename the current key.-Ability to rename the entire key.-Ability to create new keys.-Ability to remove the current key.-Ability to rename the current key.-Ability to remove the entire key.-Ability to export any key/value pair.-Ability to export a file with key/value pairs to your clipboard.-Ability to find the key ( 00b4fdf01c

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cc-Modeler Professional is a professional 3D CAD toolkit for a commercial world of CAD.

C_C_Modeler Professional_2010_ENG
c-C-Modeler Professional_2010_ENG, a Windows desktop CAD toolkit for a commercial world of CAD.

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How to generate PDF with many pages from TPL?

I have to generate PDF with many pages from TPL. I used following code:
var pdfBytes = Convertor.ToBytes(MyDocument);
using (var outputStream = new MemoryStream())
var pdf = new PdfWriter(outputStream);

using (var document = new Document(pdf))
var documentContent = new PdfContentByte(document);
var paint = new PdfDirectContent(documentContent);
paint.AddTemplate(pdfBytes, new Rectangle(400f, 800f), null);


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